National Rifle Association Beseeches United Nations Agency to Protect them from Mean Words

No, we HAD BEEN coming for your guns but now we’re coming to protect the NRA’s feelings.

Even though they are dealing with a small Russian mole problem and even though they may be in a wee bit of trouble for laundering Putin’s money into Trump’s campaign and even though literally everyone in America who is not a Trumphumping shartcrumpet hates their murderous, treasonous, deatheating guts, the patriots at the National Rifle Association have delivered a glorious, twenty-odd-page long whinge to the World Intellectual Property Organization of the United Nations (yes, the same deep state globalists who were coming for your guns under Obama) begging them to please protect them from a super mean web site that offended the honor of their Chief Lobbyist and his wife by “illegitimately connecting the woman-owned, Virginia-based business Ivy Lane Living and Ms. Cox to the face of the NRA.” Besides choosing to quote the word “corpsewank” in a legal filing for perhaps the first time in history, the NRA lawyers also bemoan the meanies for web sites about Wayne LaPierre and John Lott, which are “antagonizing to those individuals and their legitimate business.”

Here is their complaint:  Ivy Lane Living UDRP Amended Complaint

Here is the original political parody web site that they want removed because freedom!

Here is the Wayne LaPierre website that they definitely do not want you, dear reader, to in any way whatsoever connect to LaPierre’s NRA colleague Chris Cox and his wife:

And here is the John Lott web site that we can only hope the United Nations will rapidly dispatch an international team of blue helmets to remove in the name of free speech:

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