About Ivy Lane Living



Interior designer Courtney Cox (no, not the cool Courtney Cox) offers casually elegant home dwelling designs from the Ivy Lane Living boutique in Alexandria, Virginia, where she keeps a showcase home funded by the healthy income of her husband, National Rifle Association Chief Lobbyist Chris Cox.

When she’s not saying “namaste” to the other yoga moms in their affluent city, Courtney enjoys selecting and curating beautiful finds for her and her friends’ homes, all made affordable by the million-dollar-plus salary her husband collects from paying off and lobbying politicians to do nary a fucking thing about America’s gun violence, and to in fact continue pushing guns all over the motherfucking country.

Take a tour with us of Courtney’s showcase home, now tastefully upgraded to honor the source of the family’s income.

This sunny family room enjoys soft, filtered light and clean decor. A padded regency ottoman sits in front of the fireplace. Ms. Cox uses local design elements when possible, and here she has placed greenery from her garden in milk jars framing a portrait of Brishell Jones, native to nearby Washington DC, who was mowed down at age 16 by an AR-15 Cox’s husband profited from as the girl stood with friends on a sidewalk. A spattering of blood on the next wall picks up the blood money motif.

In the dining room, Ms. Cox combines nature and industrial: a tree trunk table base meets a concrete top, and lead bullets meet the flesh of teenagers. For this room, Ms. Cox opted for a retro wall hanging of the corpses of Columbine school shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. “I appreciate the classics,” she said. “And while my family has personally benefited from every bullet shot in every one of the hundreds of school shootings since my husband began working for the NRA in 2002, this throwback to 1999, when our country decided to do absolutely nothing about school massacres, is a real testament to the grip my husband’s organization has on Congress’s testicles, and that’s something I really appreciate.” The centerpiece features succulents with berry springs for a touch of whimsy.

Ms. Cox works with meaningful pairings. A distressed secretary desk displays faux books, a coral, and photographs of her husband’s mentor, Wayne Lapierre, and white supremacist pedophile Ted Nugent from her husband’s advisory board. Above the desk, gold frames set off a coupling of wall hangings: on the left, the bloodied bodies of two women lie on the site of a Las Vegas concert with profitable bullets lodged within their bodies. On the right: children flee Sandy Hook Elementary school after seeing their classmates and teachers mowed down by high capacity magazines Ms. Cox’s husband ensures remains available to anyone who wants one. “The bullets in those young ladies, the Sandy Hook children,  and the lovely items those bullets bought for my home. It all just comes full circle,” she said, inviting us to admire her pedicure.

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